The NGO Programme “We are all Citizens” aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Advocacy and watchdog role developed
  • Provision of welfare and basic services to defined target groups increased
  • Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
  • Strengthened capacity of NGOs and an enabling environment for the sector promoted
Greek NGOs applied for funding through transparent open calls. Each open call corresponds to an expected outcome. All calls will be announced within 2014. Available funding has been allocated to the most capable and efficient NGOs who aspire to a high code of practice and ethical standards.More specifically, the four open calls of the NGO Programme “We are all Citizens” attracted 572 applications of Greek NGOs. Out of those, 485 were eligible projects on the basis of the eligibility criteria set by the Programme and have been fully evaluated and scored. 76 projects are now running as a result of the four calls.