NGO Capacity Building

Capacity building is understood as the process of strengthening an organisation in order to increase its effectiveness and social impact, and achieve its goals and sustainability over time.
The Programme ‘We are all Citizens’ gives particular emphasis to NGO capacity building; strengthening civil society is also a core aim of the Bodossaki Foundation, the Programme Operator.
All of the project promoter organisations funded through the ‘We are all Citizens’ Programme participate in the NGO Capacity Building Programme. This draws on successful approaches to NGO capacity building internationally, but it is based on materials and tools which have been specially developed to reflect the Greek context.
At the start of the programme, each organisation is individually assessed using a specially developed tool, the ‘Capacity Map’, in order to identify its capacity level and development needs, as well as the good practices which can be shared. The training programme comprises 8 thematic units, is taught by 19 trainers, and includes a total of 120 hours of training activities. The programme combines an interactive training methodology with a new e-learning platform for NGOs, and it includes opportunities for networking and the sharing of good practices, both between the participating organisations and with a wide range of guest speakers.
Structure and timeline

The NGO Capacity Building Programme was launched on Saturday 16th May 2015, with a two-day training session entitled ‘Effective Leadership for NGO Capacity Building’. The programme comprises the following the training units:

Effective Leadership for NGO Capacity Building 2 days Board members
NGO Management 2 days Managers
Human Resources & Volunteer Management   2 days Managers
Fundraising & Income Diversification 2 days Managers/core staff
Marketing, Public Relations & Communications 1 day Managers/core staff
Human Rights & Ethical Practices 1 day Managers/core staff
Financial Management 2 days Managers/core staff
Project Management 2 days Managers/core staff
Closing ceremony (sharing of outcomes, awards) 1 day  

All the training will be conducted between May and December 2015. Each thematic unit will be repeated, as the participating organisations will be split into training groups of around 20 participants.  Each organisation will be informed directly about the specific training dates.
The NGO Capacity Building Programme brochure (in Greek), which includes the trainers’ bios, is available here.

An experienced partner

In order to ensure to high quality of the training, the Bodossaki Foundation is collaborating with DIMITRA Institute of Training and Development S.A, the first professional training institution of its kind in Greece. For the specific aims of the programme, DIMITRA has put together a special team of trainers with important experience relating to NGOs.

NGO Mentoring 

An important component of the NGO capacity building program is the opportunity offered to NGOs to have access to free advice and support given by a team of experienced mentors, who have volunteered for this program. It is estimated that between July and December 2015, each mentor will have four meetings with the respective NGO he or she supports, in order to offer further advice, guidance and mentoring on specific issues that challenge NGOs and monitor the progres of this initiative. We would like to thank our mentors team for their support!

Given the important role that NGOs play in supporting democratic institutions and strengthening social solidarity and civic participation, we believe that the NGO Capacity Building Programme represents an important step for the development of civil society in Greece.
For more information:
Dr. Jennifer Clarke,
Capacity Building Programme Coordinator