Expected outcome
Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
Project duration
6 months (10/2015 - 3/2016)
Project cost
33,491.50 €
Organization's location
Athens, Attica
EEA Grants amount
30,142.32 €
Organization's website

See and act differently

The objective of the Project “See and Act Differently” was to deconstruct stereotypes of prejudice about disability by awakening the general population and reshaping their attitudes towards diversity, thus empowering a society of equal rights and opportunities.
For the achievement of the Project's goals we followed an experiential methodology, combining educational and interactive awareness activities (open dialogue in schools - artistic & athletic workshops) with participants’ students from mainstream schools working together with young people with disability (intellectual - motor -sensory). The Project was completed with the Open Day "Learning Together". The key speakers were mainstream students who had taken part in all our activities. Throughout the duration of the Project, great significance was given to the dissemination of the information through the creation of a volunteer corps.

Surpassing its own goals for the completion of the Project, SKEP collaborated on a national basis with 105 schools and special institutions, 68 of which were mainstream schools and 37 special schools and institutions. 54 interactive activities were undertaken (initial goal 20) meanwhile informing and bringing together 3.931 youth with & without disabilities (initial goal 1.800). A permanent corps of dissemination and promotion of the Project was established with: 33 active volunteers, 201 aware students, 408 instructors, social workers, school directors and 3.931 persons who have benefited (parents, members of various municipalities, local associations etc).

The effectiveness of the Project was proven through the impressions & conclusions of the above participants. The feedback from the Open Day "Learning Together" was resoundingly positive, as for the first time in Greece, 201 students presented proposals for a society where youth with disabilities would be given equal rights and opportunities. Just as significant are the noted conclusions that are drawn from the testimonials of 747 students from primary and secondary schools. The conclusions arising from the students testimonies showed that this combined intervention program (educating – interacting – experiencing) facilitated a change of attitudes towards diversity in mainstream students working together with their disabled peers and contributed to the strengthening of a society of active citizens.

For more information please visit the project promoters website through this link.

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