Expected outcome
Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
Project duration
6 months (6/15-1/16)
Project cost
47,057.5 €
Organization's location
Keratsini Drapetsonas, Attica
EEA Grants amount
42,351.75 €
Organization's website

Attempting Together

The aim of the project was the establishment of a social enterprise that would initially employ five young people with mental and psychological difficulties and would attempt to prepare the fore mentioned to join the enterprise and gain the necessary skills. It is all about an alternative form of employment that combines work, training and supervision of the beneficiaries.

With the financial support of the EEA Grants we managed to fulfill the above. The Social Cooperative Enterprise for inclusion "O kipos tis elpidas" (translated: Garden of Hope) was founded in August of 2015 destined to fulfil the following purposes: 1) agricultural production, 2) formulation and garden care, 3) the processing of agricultural products, 4) developing a training program 5) manufacturing gift items, wedding and christening artifacts, 6) charitable care work - cleaning - planting public parks and creating vegetable gardens in the schools of our range of action. 

Sixty (60) personal and group sessions of psychological support were provided to the beneficiaries, a business plan was developed to ensure the viability of the company, and the minimum fixed equipment was purchased.

The impact of the project was positive for all stakeholders: The target group, five (5) disabled adults became paid professional workers and fellow travelers with the aim to make the Social Cooperative Enterprise work, their families received financial and emotional support, escaping a disabled attitude towards life, and the local community through the project’s targeted promotional activities was informed on the importance of combating stigma and promoting equal opportunities.

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