Expected outcome
Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
Project duration
6 months (6/15-11/15)
Project cost
Organization's location
Ano Gatzea Volou, Western Magnesia
EEA Grants amount
33,495.94 €
Organization's website

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The aims of the project were to promote democratic values, to fight against all forms of racism and to eradicate xenophobia.

As a means of achieving those objectives, the project promoter NGO Pelion Mountain chose the Shadow Theatre, the renowned Karagiozis. There was a tailor made production that included all key thematic messaging, in terms of respecting the other people. combatting racism, xenophobia and discrimination. In total, 40 performances were given around the country. Through the ability of theatrical art as a means of ecuation and expression, through the values of comedy, satire and emotional engagement, aaudiences were able to reflect upon human rights and the value of other, as well as the values of democracy and respect of humanity.

Specific deliverables of the project included:  
  • the organization of the performance "Karagiozis Immigrant" in Thessaly, Thrace and Athens
  • the Greek version of a16-page document ''The Republic during the difficult years - The Greek Communities in the Ottoman Empire"
  • the publication of the content of the shadow theatre performance "Karagiozis Immigrant"
  • figure construction courses 

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