Expected outcome
Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
Project duration
11 months (6/2015-4/2016)
Project cost
Organization's location
Athens, Attica
EEA Grants amount
Organization's website

Find Human Rights a Home

In 2015 more than 900,000 people passed through Greece to seek safety in central and northern European countries. For the first time, sea arrivals in Greece exceeded those of Italy and the situation was described by the UNHCR by the term 'refugee crisis'. The National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA) received in 2.248 housing requests for UASC in 2015, but the actual number of UASC is estimated to exceed 15,000. In recent months, after the border control measures implemented by the countries along the Balkan Route after January 2016, and following the EU-Turkey Agreement of March 17-18th EKKA placed more than 700 kids in shelters, but more than 550 remain on a waiting list at the time this report is written, homeless or staying at detention centers or makeshift camps.
The innovative project "Find Human Rights a Home" provided legal information and assistance to UASC located at the main entry points, and took the initiative for the creation of alternative housing options, with the creation of the first registry of foster families for UASC. 9 children were accommodated in families who entered the registry. The project was also instrumental in raising awareness on children's rights and their right to a safe and adequate housing to authorities and local communities.
During the project meetings were held with actors, authorities and NGOs to improve the scope of protection for unaccompanied minors. Moreover, under the project four seminars were organized in Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Athens, aiming to inform the local community about the rights and special needs of UASC.  METAdrasi’s team also prepared and translated in three languages an information leaflet discussing the children’s right to safe housing.
The project exceeded its objectives both in terms of participation in the seminars that were attended by 175 people and in relation to the provision of legal support to 1,291 UASC. Through the impressive mobilization of -mostly Greek- families who showed great interest to temporary host UASC, nine children were placed in families. The placements had an immediate positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of the children.

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