Expected outcome
Advocacy and Watchdog role developed
Project duration
19 months (01/10/2014-30/04/2016)
Project cost
184,684 €
Organization's location
Athens, Greece
EEA Grants amount
166,216 €
Organization's website

Activities for the awareness raising of the Youth, through Compass Compassito Manuals

The basic problem that the project aimed to address was the lack of support to the educators with specific means- tools- techniques that could support the pedagogical connection of the school with the society and the fruitful processing and assimilation of the principles of “human rights” by the students.

The project aimed to promote Human Rights education in the schools and in non- formal education, having as a given the fact that Human Rights education is a right by itself and must be accessible to all.

The project achieved to train educators and volunteers in Human Rights Education, to implement a big number of intervention in schools and the community and in publishing in Greek language the two Council of Europe’s manuals that will be used as the base for Human Rights Education for the years to come, “Compass” and “Compasito”.

In the frame of the project, the Compasito manual (1.600 books) was published for the first time in Greek, the Compass manual (3.000 books) was translated, edited and published, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (3.000 books) was re-published, and all the above books/ manuals were also digitally published and disseminated for free (4.000 CDs). The Compass manual and CD was distributed in Greece and Cyprus.

In addition, 8 seminars on Human Rights education took place, with the use of the Compass and Compasito manuals with the participation of 182 teachers and volunteers. The two volunteers’ networks that were established in Athens and Thessaloniki conducted 175 interventions on human rights education with the participation of 2.611 students, parents, lawyers and social workers.

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