Expected outcome
Advocacy and Watchdog role developed
Project duration
16 months (01/10/2014-31/01/2016)
Project cost
195.217 €
Organization's location
Athens, Greece
EEA Grants amount
175.695 €
Organization's website

Water Bridges: Let’s unite our voices for Water!

Water resources management in Greece now days, is a challenge on an environmental as well as a socio – economic level, especially due to the impact of climate change. At the same time, the implementation of an integrated urban water management policy requires not only the information, sensitization and education of society but also its participation in policy formulation through decision – making and application processes. The project’s main aim is establishing a communication bridge amongst citizens, NGOs and competent bodies regarding water resources, which could result into the fundamental emergence of Civil Society as an active decision – making body that contributes towards the promotion of sustainable development on a local level. This goal will be achieved through the implementation of specific educational, information and training actions and the development of participatory procedures and coiling of partnerships. The project will be implemented in 10 selected areas of the country, in different administrative regions and water districts, for more effective dispersion and distribution of the project’s results on a national level. The project is a collaboration of Mediterranean SOS network and the Hellenic Union of Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage (EDEYA).

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