Expected outcome
Advocacy and Watchdog role developed
Project duration
19 months (01/10/2014-30/04/2016)
Project cost
191.314 €
Organization's location
Athens, Greece
EEA Grants amount
172.182 €
Organization's website

Activities for the awareness raising of the Youth, through Compass Compassito Manuals

The aim of the project is the promotion of human rights to young people, especially to students of the primary and secondary education in Greece. The project involves the use and promotion of two innovative methodological manuals on education on human rights created by the Council of Europe, Compass and Compasito. It includes the publication of the manuals, (book and CD), 2 seminars for the trainers and 6 seminars for the teachers-trainees in Thessaloniki and Athens. After completing the educational process, the teachers, aided by specialized working groups, will organize activities related to human rights in their schools. At the same time, activities for the information and awareness rising will be organized in schools and other places and public presentations of the program, manuals and student work will take place. For this project NGO Arsis is collaborating with the NGO Support Center in Cyprus.

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