Expected outcome
Democratic values, including human rights, promoted
Project duration
8 months (9/2015-4/2016)
Project cost
Organization's location
Athens, Greece
EEA Grants amount

Multicultural troupe ANASA: A caravan without borders

The project aims at the creation of a multicultural troupe which will contribute in shaping and implementing a cultural program of educative, experiential and interactive character in in remote areas primary schools. The purpose will be to combat discrimination, racism and xenophobia, and promote information-awareness on human rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, including women, children and unaccompanied minors. The troupe will be composed of groups of percussion, song, dance, visual arts, theater / storytelling. A three day event including workshops and a performance at the end will take part. All groups will be mixed (Greek and refugees / immigrants, women and men) in order to promote mutual learning and the dissemination of knowledge, to foster intercultural dialogue, empowerment, skill development and a smooth integration of refugees / immigrants in Greek society, and to promote gender equality.

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