Expected outcome
Advocacy and Watchdog role developed
Project duration
12 months (01/11/2014- 31/10/2015)
Project cost
47.725 €
Organization's location
Athens, Greece
EEA Grants amount
42.953 €

Fight Hate Crime Now

The project aims at broadening the scope of the existing network for recording incidents of racist violence in all its manifestations. The role of migrants in the recording process has been limited so far. This project will encourage migrants' active participation in the recording process. The migrants will be able to a) identify the victims, b) better explain to them that what happened is a crime, c)be linked more systematically and actively with existing network log. There is an urgent need to develop a basic strategic framework for tackling the problem of racist violence. The ultimate goal is to develop a permanent and sustainable structure and methodology, using the existing capabilities of Greece or equivalent European experience. The project is a partnership between the Greek Forum of Migrants and the Norwegian Centre Against Racism.

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