Our Team
Steering Committee
D. Vlastos, President of the Board, The Bodossaki Foundation
Members: G. Chiotis, T. Theodorou
Scientific Advisory Group
Members: E. Glegle, A. Damaskou, P. Polizoidis

Selection Committee
Members: A. Tsekouras, V. Papaconstantinou, A. Damaskou, E. Glegle, M. Chatzaki
With the participation of a team of independent scorers/experts
Programme Team
S. Laganopoulos, Programme Director
F. Koutzoukou, Programme Officer/Deputy Programme Director
A. Papatheodorou, Programme Officer
S. Kouvelaki, Programme Officer
J. Clarke, Capacity Building Programme Coordinator
V. Adraktas, Programme Officer
M. Tsene, Programme Officer
J. Lazarou, Assistant Programme Officer
E. Karakitsiou, Assistant Programme Officer 
T. Palaiologos, Assistant Programme Officer
M. Fola, Communications and Public Affairs Officer
M. Tomara, Communications Assistant  
G. Anastassiadis, Accountant
E. Patsouris, Legal Advisor
S. Philippas, ΙΤ
Xavier Thiebaud - External Monitoring Consultant