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  • Microfinance and Social Enterprise Workshop in Greece

    Microfinance and the social economy were discussed at a workshop on 2 March, 2016 in Athens, Greece. The workshop was jointly organised by the EIB Group and the Bodossaki Foundation, with the support of fi-compass/EaSI TA. The workshop built on the discussions and workshops already undertaken in the country over the previous years and aimed at ...


  • Alone or Unique? diversity & racism

    The uniqueness of its exhibits, the artworks and the three dimensional constructions created by children 5-14 years old, characterize the MUSEUM OF CHILDREN’S ART, as a Museum among the very few in its kind around the world. In its 22 years of existence, the Museum of Children’s Art, follows its initial vision which is “learning, through ...

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  • We bring the power to the people, with the power of open source!

    The DemocracIT project powered by SciFY is a free, open source and easily customized platform which allows citizens to participate actively in the legislative process. 

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