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  • Open call for proposals for bilateral initiatives

    Bilateral Fund  3rd Call for proposals for bilateral initiatives Measure (b) The Bodossaki Foundation, in its capacity as the Fund Operator for the EEA Grants NGO Programme in Greece “We are all Citizens”, announces the third open call for bilateral initiatives under measure (b) between non-profit organizations established in ...

  • Discussions on hate speech - Hate Speech and Homophobia

    The Bodossaki Foundation, Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Greek NGO Programme "We are all Citizens", in partnership with Youthnet Hellas, the No Hate Speech Movement local campaign partner, is hosting the second thematic discussion on Hate Speech, with a focus on hate speech and homophobia. The discussion will take place on the 17th of ...


  • Alone or Unique? diversity & racism

    The uniqueness of its exhibits, the artworks and the three dimensional constructions created by children 5-14 years old, characterize the MUSEUM OF CHILDREN’S ART, as a Museum among the very few in its kind around the world. In its 22 years of existence, the Museum of Children’s Art, follows its initial vision which is “learning, through ...

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  • We are all creators

    The short film "We are all creators" is the last one in a series of four films created under the EEA Grants NGO Programme in Greece "We are all Citizens". The film is dedicated to the Cerebral Palsy's project "Artability", which has already proven in the most remarkable way that we can all potentially become artists and that in this artistic world, there is a place for people with disabilities.

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