• An educational seminar on gender-mainstreaming for NGOs

    The Bodossaki Foundation, in its capacity as Fund Operator of the EEA Grants NGO Programme "We are all Citizens", is organising an educational seminar on on gender-mainstreaming for NGOs.  The seminar based on the "Guide for Gender Mainstreaming the Activities of Civil Society Organisations", a Bodossaki's Foundation initiative, is ...

  • Guide for Gender Mainstreaming the Activities of Civil Society Organisations

    What could “gender mainstreaming” possibly mean for non-governmental, not-for-profit organisations? This “Guide for Gender Mainstreaming the Activities of Civil Society Organisations” provides information material and targeted tools that attempt to answer this question. For the first time in Greece, civil society organisations have ...


  • Alone or Unique? diversity & racism

    The uniqueness of its exhibits, the artworks and the three dimensional constructions created by children 5-14 years old, characterize the MUSEUM OF CHILDREN’S ART, as a Museum among the very few in its kind around the world. In its 22 years of existence, the Museum of Children’s Art, follows its initial vision which is “learning, through ...

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  • We are all Citizens: the movie

    ‘’We are all Citizens” is a documentary on the valuable role of civil society, consisting of active citizens - those next door ordinary people - that perform small miracles on an everyday basis.  All the initiatives presented in this film, have been implemented under the EEA Grants NGO programme in Greece "We are all Citizens", from which more than 245,000 people have directly benefited. 

    Promo video of We are all Citizens -The movie

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