How can you find a project partner or register your interest to be a partner? 

Explore the NGO Partneship Portal. Among others, you can: Below you can find an indicative list of organisations from the Donor states that are registered in the NGO Partnership Portal. The Portal offers options for detailed search. By doing your research, you can find the most suitable partner for your organisation.

Center for Anti-racism
Change the World
Comparative Research Program on Poverty
Hiv Norway
International Development Norway
KUN Centre for Gender Equality
Legal Advice for Women
Minotenk - Minority Political Think Tank
Norwegian Association of Blind and Partially sighted Youth
Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Norwegian Young Disabled
Oslo Youth Council
Roma Rights
The Foundation Peace and Tolerance
The Norwegian Association for the Hard of Hearing
The Norwegian Association of Disabled
The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU)
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee
The Norwegian Humanist Association
The Norwegian Lesbian and Gay Association
The Oslo Coalition of Freedom of Religion or Belief

As styrktarfelag association
Child Safety House Iceland
IOGT Iceland
Null Prosent Movement
Stigamot, a conselling and information centre on sexual violence
The Icelandic Human Rights Centre
The Women's Counselling

Also, below you may find a number of additional organisations not to be found in the NGO Partnership Portal. This shall be updated regularly:
Transparency International Norway
Norwegian Parkinson Disease Association
LHL's International Tuberculosis Foundation
Citizens Foundation
European Movement Iceland
ADHD Association in Iceland
YMCA/YWCA in Iceland
Icelandic boy and girl scout Association

Verein für eine offene Kirche – Association for an open Church 
LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungsdienst – Development Agency of Liechtenstein
The main register of the administration of Liechtenstein
Introduction Form
In addition, and in advance of the networking events that will be organised in the context of this Programme, you may introduce your organisation. Please fill out this Introduction Form in English and send it by email to  
Read here the introduction forms by other NGOs:

Name of NGO in alphabetical order Social Welfare Advocacy
and Watchdog
Democratic Values Capacity Building
FAFO Institute for Labour and Social Research X      
Forandre  Verden – Change the World   X   X
LHL International X X    
Norwegian People’s Aid X     X
The Norwegian Centre Against Racism (Antirasistisk Senter)   X X X
Name of NGO in alphabetical order Social Welfare Advocacy and Watchdog Democratic Values Capacity Building
Attac Iceland   X    
The Organisation of Disabled in Iceland X X X X