Bilateral relations

The Programme «We are all Citizens» has earmarked €110,100 for the promotion of bilateral relations between Greece and the Donor states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

Bilateral cooperation aims at:
  • widening the extent of cooperation between Greece and the Donor states;
  • contributing to the achievement of shared results;
  • increasing knowledge and mutual understanding.
There are the two funding mechanisms (measures) available:

1. Measure (a), also known as "seed money", aims to support the development of project partnerships between Greek NGOs on the one hand and entities from the Donor states on the other hand, in anticipation of the open calls for project proposals under the Programme expected outcomes. Eligible applicants are a) NGOs established in Greece which aim to act as project promoters and b) entities (public or private, commercial or non-commercial, as well as NGOs) from the Donor states, which aim to act as project partners.

2. Measure (b) provides funding for networking, exchange, sharing of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice activities between project promoters and entities from the Donor states. It offers extra funding over and above the project budget. Activities under measure (b) may include participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Eligible entities are Greek NGOs, which have been selected as project promoters in the context of this NGO Fund Programme.

For more information, please, check the Guidelines for the Bilateral Fund