ARSIS - the Organisation for the Social Support of the Youth, is holding a series of seminars aiming to train school teachers and young students in the use of the editions of Compass and Compasito, official manuals of the Council of Europe which promote human rights education. Participants and participating teachers are invited to attend training seminars of a total duration of 30 hours, and then implement, with the support of ARSIS, the introduction of those manuals in their schools.

The seminar on Compasito (aimed at primary school children) is scheduled to take place on 19 - 20 and 26 - 27 September, while a similar seminar targetting children of secondary education will be hosted between 3 - 4 and 10 - 11 October.

ARSIS encourages teachers who work in the levels of primary and secondary education to become active members of the network for human rights education and devote time and energy towards promoting democratic values through the implementation of creative activities in their schools.


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