Announcement on the results of the call for additional activities  

The Bodossaki Foundation, acting as the Fund Operator for the EEA Grants NGO Fund in Greece, announces the results of the call for proposals for additional activities of already funded and ongoing projects under the NGO Programme “We are all Citizens”.

The call attracted a total of thirty nine (39) applications, one of which did not meet the administrative criteria set and publicized on this website and was rejected. The remaining thirty eight (38) applications have been evaluated and scored by the Fund Operator, for a total available funding of EUR 61,400. The Selection Committee - which convened on 17 February 2016, with the presence of representatives from the EEA Grants National Focal Point of the Minstry of Economy, Development and Tourism and the Norwegian Embassy - approved the selection of eight (8) projects to be funded for additional activities. This decision was validated by the Streering Commitee of the EEA Grants Greek NGO Programme "We are all Citizens", which convened on 22 February 2016. 

Here is the list of the selected projects: 
Project no Project title Project promoter Partner Grant amount (EEA Grants) Total budget
1 Callisto: Ten years of strengthening capacity and accountability Callisto Hellenic Ornithological Society € 8,996.82 € 9,996.47
2 ANASA cultural centre: a caravan without borders ANASA - € 8,780.14 € 9,755.71
3 Citizens against depression: self-help, networking and therapeutic treatment against depression Association for regional development and mental health -
- € 9,996.3 € 11,707
4 Social Return on Investment SROI Equal Society - € 7,965.29 € 8,850.32
5 Introducing volunteerism in Greek schools - a pilot programme NGO Desmos Lambraki Foundation € 9,999 € 11,110
6 Legal aid and empowerment of victims of gendered violence Diotima - Centre for research on women - € 4,116.28 € 4,573.64
7 Women in self education Cancer society and friends of Argolida 'Solidarity' - € 8,436.76 € 9,374.18
8 Lending library Charity Association “Saint John the Merciful” - € 3,110 € 3,455,55


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